Bluetooth & My PDA – my ongoing saga

Over at Frank Arrigo’s blog he has the low down on a kludge to get VoiceCommand to take commands straight from a BT headset.

frankarr – an aussie microsoft blogger : K-JAM, Microsoft Voice Command, Bluetooth earpiece and a registry hack

Longtime readers will know the ongoing battle I’ve had with this BT stuff on my O2 XDAII mini. Even wrote a paper on it-(PDF).

Seems like somethings being done at long last…only it just works with WM5, not WMPPC 2003ed..which I have. I tried the registry edit but seems Pre WM5 won’t take the full path suggested and even the entry at the registry point given says something other than the kludge suggests.

So, time to upgrade to the Atom it seems….or at least something running WM5. Time to rethink my use and abilities.

Now, if someone can answer the question if WM5 will stream music from the Windows Media Player on the PPC to the BT earpiece I’d have a double-incentive.

How about it Frank?

Bluetooth and PDA interoperability – again

2 thoughts on “Bluetooth & My PDA – my ongoing saga

  1. absolutly

    i listen to music and podcasts played by windows media player on my bt headset.

    voice command opens the audio gateway and keeps it open.

    i can press the button on the bt headset, say “play g’day world” and it starts. magic

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