My first comment spam

I got hit by my first dose of comment spam on this blog the other day. About 6 comments all much the same from the same given name and given url, with different IP addresses. This sent me looking for plugins for WordPress to combat it and instead found a few tips on things I could do in WordPress without installing a plugin to minimise spam. For simplicity I’ll put what I did in list form with links to refer to at the end.

  • . Make sure WordPress is at v1.5 as it has a number of anti spam comment features natively built in.
  • . Set the number of links allowed in comments to 3 – any more than that, and the comment is auto-moderated. This is done in WP admin under “Options->Discussion->Comment Moderation”.
  • . Put a list of blacklisted words in WP admin – the input box is again found under “Options->Discussion->Comment Moderation”. I used a combination of the words found at the WordPress codex site and another bloggers black listed words. See bleow for my complete list. What I also did was added the common words being found in the spam I already received.
  • . I checked every box except “An administrator must approve the comment (regardless of any matches below)” in the top section under “Options->Discussion”. See screen capture below.

There’s many other plugins to try. The one getting most positive response seemed to be WP Hashcash, though as yet I haven’t tried this and will keep it up my sleeve if another barage of spam breaches my defences.

WP codex Combatting Spam
WP codex Spam Words
Usefull blog post by Tom Raftery
WP Hashcash plugin
My Spam Words list
Screen shot of my checked options in WP

2 thoughts on “My first comment spam

  1. Thanks Tom. Yeah I read that so thought I’d try the WP builtin stuff first. Thanks for pointing it out to other readers.

    Dave the Lifekludger

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