The perfect productivity tools

The Lifehacker was reporting on what tools she uses everyday.

In addition to using Yahoo! Calendar as detailed previously, I carry around a 70 sheet spiral notebook with a cardboard cover which cost about a buck at the local drugstore. In it I write down my daily to-do’s and project lists. I manually transfer items from one day page to the next (built-in review!) and give myself the gift of a very satisfying line through each completed item with a dash of my favorite pen. I’ve almost filled this notebook with scribbles, sketches, diagrams, lists and brainstorming. It sits on the coffee table so I can write down a thought in the middle of Survivor without having to boot up anything. I rip sheets out without regret and I don’t worry about coffee stains or theft. It’s lofi, plain, simple and not very exciting. It simply works.

But of course, that’s just me.

Sounds great. Love to hear of things that work. Now a question. How do you do that without hands or fingers that work?

I do it with an O2 XDA II mini hung around my neck on a lanyard and holding the stylus in my mouth while balancing the PDA on one hand supported by the other.

Might sound like a circus trick…..and I possibly look like a clown compared to the Lifehacker, but looks or comparisons are not the point, getting stuff done is. I too used to use Yahoo calendar as I work from two different places but how to get the dates from the meeting to the calendar was my undoing. Now I can enter the date, details and notes in the meeting and sync it all up when back at the computer.

I also have VoiceCommand on the O2 which works – sorta – if there is not too much noise and if I can position the device with mic pointing towards my mouth. This could be much improved if VC could take commands from the BlueTooth earpiece. I live in hope and am not letting the ‘cons’ get in the way of the ‘pros’ in the meantime.

What I’ve got works for today. When something better or different comes along that has less limitations and therefore makes it easier for me to work around my limitations I’ll add it into the mix. Meanwhile Kludge-on!

Geek to Live: How to find the perfect productivity tools – Lifehacker

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