Evil Genius Chronicles » The Listeners Count

Okay. I’ve been sitting on this quote from Dave Slusher for two weeks. I even had related links in delicious that I had intended to go through and try figure out what it was I wanted to say about this. But I’m tired of waiting. So I’m just gonna say it.

Is the ‘new system’ refered to on the last line a recognition based system?

I don’t know what that better way is (yet), but I know that trying to find a way to count every single time an audio file reaches a person’s ears is cold potato.

I’ll note that I’ve had sponsors for most of the last year, and I’ve never given any of them a number to better precision than an order of magnitude, and not even that for a long time. I don’t even know the numbers of downloads I get, I’ve long since abandoned trying to count and have learned not to care. What matters to me are the number of sensible comments, the other shows that quote me, the number of people that came up to me and talked to me at PME and told me they enjoyed the show. These are not simple numbers, but the simple numbers are flawed and odd and full of fraud. This reality is complex, so any simple number anyone provides you is wrong and doesn’t model that reality.

I suggest that we build a new system and ignore the old one.

Evil Genius Chronicles » Count the Listeners vs. The Listeners Count
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