Blobcast #3

My 3rd podcast is out. This time I wanted to highlight some aspects Cameron Reilly was on about in the G’day World podcast of Nov 25th. A podcast seemed to be the way to go.

Have a listen……you might just be surprised!

Blobcast 3 – the forgotten forgotten.Blobcast feed here.

Here’s some written thoughts/notes as a background.

* Poor/homeless are essentially socially isolated.
* Disabled are socially isolated – esp. since deinstitutionalisation.
– institutionalised in their homes
– divide & conquer
* Disenfranchised.
* Lonely.
* Disabled are forgotten.
* disenfranchised – adj : deprived of the rights of citizenship

(music provided from the PodShow Podsafe Music Network. Check it out at ‘’)

Song: ‘Winter in Melbourne’ Artist: 39/12

Quote from “Disability Blogs Roundup, #5” at Temple U:

And if you get an mp3 player for a gift this season, check out the Blobcast, where David N. Wallace is doing disability commentary as a podcast (the highlight is his mash-up of tech podcaster Cameron Reilly’s “rant” with “Winter in Melbourne,” on Blobcast #3).

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