Enabling Occupation

Group of ot studentsAfter a lecture I gave to some Year 2 Occupational Therapy Students at UNISA back in September which I wrote about on my personal blog, I was invited back today to give the speel to some Post Grad Students.

This group was smaller compared to the 60 odd last time. I had a great time and again was pleased to see health professionals taking a keen interest in their chosen field.

There’s always two questions that are certain from these events.

One revolves around how they as health professionals know about resources that are ‘out there’ to help them help their clients. In particular how do they find out about what other individuals are doing to ‘lifekludge’ their way with a disability.

Connection has a lot to do with it. Back in September I had a less solid answer to this complex question. This time around though I managed to bring in the benefits of personal publication and the sharing of it. Blogs as a way to share personal accounts of what works and sharing them in an easy connected, easily accessed way like RSS is starting to do holds enourmous potential for real life benefit. None of these Post Grad students had heard of Blogs. They have now. I shared that we/they need to be enabling people to get up, get to and publish easily what and how they ‘do life’. Then with that growing body of collected ideas we can glean for solutions that we can put into place in our own lives. But we have to get the info. there and start helping people to get it there or there will be lots of people looking for something yet finding little.

The other question bound to raise its head is along the lines of what do I think makes a good health professional, and in particular a good OT.

This one is easy. For me it’s about attitude. Someone who is interested in the person and assisting them in a caring way wins hands down. Working together to find a solution is what counts – not necessarily ‘knowing’ it all. A OT’s greatest resource is themselves.

I’ve updated the PowerPoint presentation I use for these lectures.

I didn’t think about it until going out the door this morning that I could maybe record it for a podcast. But it was too late and I don’t have a device that could do it. So a task for next time maybe.

Thanks to all there for their permission to post the photo.

One thought on “Enabling Occupation

  1. Hi David

    Thanks for giving us (OT Post Grad) an insight into your interesting and innovative life-tools and ‘blogs’ concept. Many thanks for sharing your fascinating and inspiring life story with us.

    Cheers Kim

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