Technology widely distributed and easier

In Cameron’s “half arsed bluster” blog yesterday he was reporting on “Rewind Fast Forward” conference in Melbourne. (Thanks for the report Cam!)

In a post titled
half arsed bluster: there are NO online brands AT ALL?? he quotes Simon Smith, local MD for ebay:

“the future is here already – it just isn’t widely distributed yet. The internet will just become easier to use. We’re working on how to make ebay easier to use. We’ve got Paypal – that’s a way to send unlimited amounts of money across borders. With Skype we’re trying to make communications easier. The future is about making things easier.”

Making things easier. Now that’s right up the Lifekludger alley! And it’s exactly the point I try to make in my earlier post “Technology is not the problem – getting it is“.

There is technology that exists right now to make our lives easier and more productive and more rewarding. Some of it might need some adapting to needs, but we all do that to differing extents with everything.

Making things easier is great, and I’m all for it. But the “widely distributed” comment is the salient bit. For some it basically all comes down to yet another access issue.

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