Beetroot is a safety hazard!

Had to warn everybody….. I’ve got the ‘inside goss’ as to why Beetroot and pineapple disappeared from Subway’s menus … it’s a SAFETY issue!

Over at my Bring Beetroot Back guestbook, Sarah says:

look i work at subway, beetroot left because it was a safety hazard it not only spreads germs but is easily slipped over if its dropped on the floor.

Geez. I didn’t realise it was so dire. Quick, everyone go to your fridge and pantry and toss out the beetroot and pineapple!

The story deepens:

see during peak hours we can adverage at some stores in the sydney area between the 5 people that are on 257 subs. we dont have time to be playing with the juice from the pineapple or beetroot, we swap our gloves every 3 subs because other wise we dont have time and god knows what u could be eating but the juice from these two can spread.

Ahhh….safety AND time. Saftey takes time you know and time = money!

It continues:

i personally love pineapple and cant believe it went but theres new and improved things coming out. trust me youll get over it have a nice day smile EAT FRESH

Trust me, I won’t.

6 thoughts on “Beetroot is a safety hazard!

  1. Beetroot has been back for about a month or so. Enough people must have complained to warrent it’s return. But pineapple *bleh* I hate pineapple.

  2. I had no idea Beetroot was so bad for you.. The only harm I ever got out of beetroot was the fact the F*!&!(!) stuff always slipped out of the roll and down my shirt!…. Especially since they diced it!….

  3. Josh, beetroot is indeed back — FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY! Turn your back and they’ll rip it off the menu again…just watch!

    Besides which, it’s always cubed. Why can’t we get the big, juicy slices. That’d really give the Subway dudes a worry about slipping on whole slices!

    And Blakey would get more stains as it slid down his shirt!

    Keep the faith dudes! Fight the good beetroot fight!

  4. This is a joke. Subway employees are clearly brainwashed into using these excuses to hide the real story…subway had taken the beet in, chewed it up and spat it out. The beet deserves more respect. Keep up the fight brother!

  5. I emailed them six months ago and asked why the don’t have beetroot that has always been the the most favourite filling in Australian rolls for years and they said they were trialling it in New South Wales but still waiting for it in Western Australia, in the meantime I go to the lunch bar around the corner because I have to have my beetroot

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