Thunderbird’s QuickText

There’s a great extension for the equally great open source email program, Thunderbird called QuickText.

This bit of software is installed in Thunderbird and acts like a macro typing device that can input long pieces of text with few keystrokes or the click of a button. QuickText is especially for email as it can recognize variables used in message details – like the to: first or last name, subject etc. These variables can be put together with a message to create ‘canned’ response email. Or you can setup blocks of text you often type in your everyday email exchanges. It has a nice toolbar at the top of the message you are writing to quickly access your Quicktexts and they can be organised by group.

This type of software is more a macro program than word prediction software. It would be advantageous for anyone who has trouble with keyboard input of any kind.

This extension will find a home in my Thunderbird install – I type letter by letter with a mouthstick and after doing so for 24 years my teeth and neck could do with some assistance!

Get the Quicktext Extension
via Lifehacker Knock down repetitive e-mail with Thunderbird’s QuickText – Lifehacker

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