I’m hung up on the concept of context

Further to my previous post titled Attention, Recognition & Context, I read Scoble talking about what term to call someone who generates content, Scoble muses thus:

The problem is we don’t have good language. When I’m on Flickr I’m a photographer or a commenter. When I’m here I’m a writer or a blogger. When I’m on Craig’s List I’m a job seeker or a buyer or a seller. When I’m on MSN Search or Google I’m a searcher. When I’m on Memeorandum I’m a reader.

These different modes we operate in. This is our context and this is what is getting me hung up about attention. Attention only measures what we look at not why we are. I’m thinking this is where FOAF and XFN come in, to try and make sense of the attention by giving it context.

Perhaps I’ve just lost my own context certainly feels that way sometimes!

4 thoughts on “I’m hung up on the concept of context

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