Talking Remote Holder

This device is a remote control and holder. The difference between it and the rest of it’s ilk is the holder asks questions when the remote isn’t put back.

Probing HAL-like questions such as:

“Where’s the remote?”
“Are you still using the remote?”

Now this is cool, and maybe I could’ve used it for the problem I have of people putting the remote out of my reach – a solution to which I blogged about in this post titled upright-drifters.

However, this would be much more useful if the remote itself started calling out after not being put back on the holder. It would be a good way to find the remote – a bit like those key rings (Aussie speak for key chain) that would beep when you clap your hands. Only the remote would say things like:

“Hey, I’m over here!”
“Are you looking for something?”
“Oi…put me away you messy slob!”

And it’d be great for anyone with a vision impairment.

via Gizmodo-Talking Remote Answers Life’s “Burning Questions” – Gizmodo

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