iSkype headset

This just cracks me up. This guy took an iSight camera and taped it to a pair of headphones.

Reason? The iSight has a microphone and the iSight plugs into the Mac firewire port viz a digital mic input!

Kludge-o-rama baby!

iSkype – ReesesWiki – musing/2005-11-01 DIY Skype Headset

3 thoughts on “iSkype headset

  1. It has really surprised me how few people got that it was intended to be funny, so I’m glad you got a good laugh out of it. I’ve even been called “assinine”, as if it wasn’t obvious I was up way too late, unable to sleep, and with way too much energy! 🙂

    I think my next “project” will have to involve turning my PowerBook + iSight into a backlight for my television that changes color based on what’s on-screen, like those Sharp flat-panel commercials a few months back. I’m sure I’ll get more flames like “this idiot destroyed his PowerBook just for a backlight!”

    Those are the best.

    Cheers to you!


  2. Hi art

    Thanks for your comments. I really appreciate it.

    Sometimes people just take life too seriously!

    I really think thinking the way you did can lead to other ideas…..which is really the point of lifekludger.

    I’m not familiar with the Sharp flat-panel commercials you mention, I live in Australia. So not sure we got them. Wonder if there’s a snip of one on the net…

    What’s the plan for next project? Point your iSight at the TV and the PowerBook panel change colours? Sounds neat… mood lighting!



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