Wrist Wearable PC/PDA

Wrist wearable PDAOkay, here’s a spin on the ‘traditional’ PDA.

This is a PDA you wear on your wrist. It has impressive specs including GPS, IrDA, Bluetooth and Wireless connectivity. Has 32 MB system ROM-Flash, 64 MB system SDRAM, and expands up to 1 GB through the built-in SD memory slot.

Now, this I can’t see being adopted as a fashion accessory but if you’ve seen the convoluted way I access my PDA you’d see how this just might help me. Provided of course my arm was strong enopugh to lift and hold the 200gm weight up where I need it and didn’t ruin the screen in process.

Yes, it all sounds strange. “He can’t hold up 200gms” you say. I hope to make a vidcast of what I’m talking about sometime soon and stick it up here so it’ll become clearer. Stick around.

Eurotech article – http://www.eurotech.com/main/wearable.asp?sm=innovation&s2m=Wearable
via Gizmodo – http://us.gizmodo.com/gadgets/pcs/italian-wrist-pc-unfashionably-hardcore-133285.php

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