Podcast University

This article from Newsday outlines how over at Purdue University the students are gettig into using podcasts. Digital recordings of lectures allow college students with MP3 players to catch lessons or just catch up wherever and whenever they want.

This is excellent example of lifekludging using existing (if not emerging) technology applied to a lifestyle to workaround a problem – in this case, the problem of not being able to get to a lecture.

Years ago, in very early 80s, just after my accident, I tried continuing my studies in mechanics but found not being in the class didn’t give me the context boundries to my studies. After a while it was just too disjointed. Having realised it now, a lifekludge in those days would’ve been a tape recording on a cassette posted by snail-mail and would’ve provided the entire class experience, just like the Purdue students get using todays technology.

So much for ‘the good ole days’.

Mike at LearnDog gets it. And is trying to help the guys at Archer use it. Makes sense to me.

via techdirt – http://techdirt.com/
Newsday – http://www.newsday.com/news/nationworld/nation/chi-0510200213oct20,0,4320824.story?coll=ny-leadnationalnews-headlines
LearnDog – LearnDog
Archer – http://www.archercollege.com/

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