Starting Another Blog

Hi folks (all 2 of you! :))

I’m starting ANOTHER blog! I’ve reached the limits of what Blogger can offer me so I’ll be using WordPress as the platform.

Blob will still be used but as my personal blog for anything that catches my eye.

The new blog will be called “Lifekludger” and generally be about the workarounds I use, or could use, to get around barriers in doing life with a disability as well as exploring other ‘life enriching’ kludges, hacks, technology and thoughts that might help us all in the world of “digitalis interuptus“, as Andy calls it.

In time some of these posts might re-appear over there if they are “kludgey’.

Please either wander over there or subscribe using this link

Cheers…and thanks Blogger!

Dave is now up and running!

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