It’s amazing how I know so little. I came across this word, disintermediation, while reading comments about what Mike’s trying to pull together over at LearnDog

As I look around at what’s going on in what Mike terms this “Web 2.0 world of disintermediation“, it occurred to me to draw a comparison to a situation closer to home.

In recent years many of the people with disabilities that had spear-headed advancements in independent community living, home care, integration and raising the status and lifestyles of those living with disability in South Australia, have died. They took with them many experiences and stories about their lives, exploits, defeats and victories.

As part of trying to get funding to get a history of disability project off the ground at work, we have captured a few short stories of current people we know as well as talked about the exploits of those recently passed. In all instances they leave me inspired. In effect, these people who were pioneers, or champions, of their time are today heros. And tey deserve recognition as such.

Most of their efforts forward were to be without a ‘middle man’ – in their case the ‘system’ and community attitudes of the time. And their foresight, vision and desire, mixed with huge doses of courage, is what got them nearer to where they wanted to go and empowered others to do so.

It occurs to me that the pioneers, or champions, of today are the heros of tomorrow.

Put your wagons in a circle troops!

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