a change of style

coinsWe were brainwashed

Okay, I relent. I started out this blog thing not really knowing what I was doing and had formulated ‘styling rules’ in my head and tried to follow them for consistency. Such things as “tiny font”, “small pic in top right-corner”, “no caps, just punctuation”, “cryptic titles” were the unwritten rules running around in my head as I wrote the posts.

As I read more of others blogs I began to see some holes in my ‘rules’. I also tripped over my own rules, especially on the post I wrote with Dragon Naturally Speaking – seems it didn’t know my rules and went ahead capitalising things! Gee, who would’ve thought!

I decided the font really was too ‘tiny’ so allowed myself to go to ‘small’, which really looks too small still.

So I’ve decided to change my ‘rules’ (repeats silently to self – ‘change is good, change is good, change is good’). The thing that finally swung it was reading Darren’s post on 12 tips on writing content for your blog and the very top, number one tip was to use titles with keywords that tell what the post is about rather than a cryptic title. Pow! There goes the whole premise of the cryptic side to my blog.

Well, I’ve decided to change the titles themselves to be more relevant to what the actual post is about yet still maintain the cryptic bent by adding a sub-title to each post. Perhaps that way I can cater to me ‘creative’ whims whilst maintaining a blog that is easily readable and accessible.

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