the isthmus principle

a friend sent me some more information about that ingredient subway insist on leaving off their menu – beetroot.

in a column of ‘the peninsula’ magazine, titled ‘the truth about food’ –

Beta vulgaris: the common, vulgar beetroot, has been adopted by Australians as national food. People from other countries are always surprised to find the purpley-red stuff in our hamburgers, salads, and roasting in our Webers. One of the most versatile and healthy of vegetables, beetroots are packed with dietary fibre and folic acid and are a great source of antioxidants.”

again, we see it written that ‘other countries’ can’t understand that we’d want beetroot in our diets in Australia. well, hello! that’s exactly my point why we shouldn’t be told by ‘other countries’ what we like on our subs!

bring beetroot back!

show your support – sign my bring beetroot back guestbook.

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