while mike’s been watching google news for what’s happening at glenelg, i’ve had my eyes on a rss feed from google news on disability happenings in australia. it’s a good way to glean news items that might be relevant for inclusion on our enablenet website. we provide a rss feed ourselves of news items that comprises items that might be more local-specific to south australia along with relevant national disability news.

meanwhile, having a disability can literaly be a pain in the bum. i’ve been laid up in bed a few days watching a red spot that threatened to be more than it turned out to be (thankfully). now i didn’t want to get into that too much, except as a segway into this article that crossed my desk recently on healing wounds. the article appeared in ‘new mobility magazine’. very interesting stuff about a herbal spray called ‘miracle mist plus’ that controls infection and aids healing predominently by making the skin alkaline. a quote from the article states…

‘It has a pH balance of 8, which turns the skin alkaline. Disease can’t live in an alkaline environment. The magnesium in the compound drives the ingredients into the center of the cell and detoxes it.

seems to me the spray could be good for any healing of wounds, regardless of who you are. well worth a read

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