the dots are coming together

i’ve always viewed computers and technology as a tool. especially from the time i acquired my disability. before that point in time computers hadn’t crossed my path much and technology i didn’t much think of in any terms other than a tv and a (beta) vcr. but being from a mechanical background, tools i knew! so i think i’ll share more about tools in future.

i’ve been on leave from work this week. i didn’t go away anywhere as traveling for me can be a pain, in the sense it becomes a logistical nightmare, instead i had a mate fly down from newcastle so we could hang out together. consequently i didn’t spend very much time in front of a pc. instead we did other interesting things.

one interesting thing was running an optical cable from my pc in the study to the digital amp in my lounge. this works beautifully and i can now play my mp3 music from my pc in the lounge through the speaker system. it took me a while to get the basic bits together and get all the bits in place and while it’s nothing new and astounding that has never been done before it is definately more than just a toy for me. it’s a tool.

this latest tool gets around my not being able to put cd’s in and out a cd player and enables me to share my music when i have friends around.

my next task is to install the wireless usb adapter on my pc and the sd wireless card in my o2 so i can use terminal services on my pda to control my pc and play music from anywhere in the house. i have what’s needed, just need the help and a bit of time. more about that step later. and more on some other of my life tools too.

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