there’s a hole in my bucket

i’m on a crusade. at present though it’s gone a bit quiet out on the frontier.

i was chatting with my mate mike seyfang today who dropped into work to catch up. mike and i go way back, but that’s another story. the point of that sentence was to say that while talking to mike about blogs, pods and rocket science i asked if he’d seen . he hadn’t!

this pointed out how my fight had gone dull. i had succummed to the words of pink flyod’s ‘wish you were here‘ … you know the line … “did you exchange, a walk on part in the war, for a lead role in a cage”. i had to do something. blog it!

you see, basically it goes like this: i like beetroot, subway used to put beetroot on their subs (here in adelaide anyway), i used to eat subway, subway removed it (and pineapple) from their menu, the shop people told me it was due to an order from on high, i complained in email to subway, they ignored me, so i put up a web page, i stopped eating subway.

a longer version is on my ‘‘ page. and if you like beetroot (or pineapple) or just loathe it when big business economics dictate from the other side of the globe what it is you like to eat, please sign my guest book.

Update: My guest book got spammed so the link above goes to my blog where you can leave a comment.

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