a whale of a time

i listened to my first podcast yesterday. sounds hip hey? really though it’s not. i mean i don’t have an ipod, so you could say i listened to a mp3 file of some guys talking instead of singing. i listened to the gadget show, after following a link from a friends blog at learndog. i did this on my pc using itunes but guess if i wanted could put the podcast onto my pda (an o2).

i really liked the concept of having this info talking in the background while i worked on other things. i often have something playing in the background while i work – music/radio/tv – i find it helps me concentrate (go figure). maybe it’s because when i was at school i always did homework with the tv or music on. it’s kinda like i associate background noise with working (shrug). anyway, having a podcast as background was a good way of having this background noise actually be informative. i was able to pick up tidbits of info off and on and this tended to educate and stimulate new ideas.

so, i might do a bit more of this. another thing to listen to in the background.

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